The Live Blackjack Bonanza is coming to online casino Slotanza, which means there will be tons of cash prizes to be won for the duration of this exciting new promotion. The campaign itself is going to launch on March 20th and continue for the next few days, until the 25th March. The time of this Live Blackjack Bonanza will be each day of the promotional period; between the hours 6PM and 11PM, so if you wish to take part, then reserve those evenings and take a seat at the Slotanza tables. Fans of Blackjack, or card games in genera, should be delighted with this special bonus offer, which of course wouldn’t be complete without some fantastic prizes. That, as well as multiple new games and exclusive bonuses.

The total prize pool for this promotion is €1,000 in cash bonuses, and anyone can win up to €1K each day; provided that they are going to play the Live Blackjack – The Strip version. Allow yourselves to have a little bit of fun, and win a couple of bonus coins as well, because every promotion by the Slotanza casino program comes with plentiful goodies. If you’re not keen on classic casino games like blackjack, then don’t worry; Slotanza has many different types of software, including the ever so popular video slots. These are often the main attraction of campaigns that involve free spins and such, so keep an eye out for those. The full terms, conditions and wagering requirements can be found on the website.

Slotanza Casino Promotion

Campaign: Live Blackjack Bonanza

Duration: 20th-25th March 2020

Time: 6pm GMT – 11pm GMT

Prizes: €1,000 cash bonuses

Game: Live Blackjack – The Strip

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