Get ready for another round of online gaming with the LeoVegas casino. This summer will be particularly fruitful, not only because there are many promotions set to go live during the holidays, but also due to the fact that Leo Vegas has something quite special prepared for this period. A huge tournament will take place at the online casino in July and August, with qualifying and main rounds set to hit accordingly to the promotional calendar. If you are already a registered member, then you can find out all the info about this campaign on the official promo page. Most of the previous offers revolved around slots or other casino games, so the time has come to finally bring sports betting into the action.

Qualify for the rounds by placing minimum bets of €10 with odds set to at least 1/4. The bets has to be made on tennis matches, because this particular sport would be featured throughout the whole promotion. Each tennis bet worth €10 will count as a qualifying one, but only before the 30th July. The qualifying rounds will bring plenty of opportunities to gain up to 16 Free Bets worth in total: €250. One can obtain those after making the fifth qualifying bet, which then unlocks the free betting spree, available until the qualifying round is passed. The best attraction of this event however, is a brand new Mercedes Benz SLC, which serves as the prize of the main tournament stage. The main tournament can be reached by passing the qualification rounds that require of the players to place 600 live tennis cash bets. The main round will continue to go on from August 7th. Check with the LeoRoar section and find out how to boost the progress and place a Bet of the Day. The tournament will be active till the 13th of August, or until a final player is revealed.

LeoVegas Casino Promotion

* The qualification stage runs from: 12th June till 30th July

* Time tables had been set in the CEST format

* Bets placed outside the promo period will not count

* Players can qualify by placing €10 bets at 1.25 (1/4) odds

* Free bets will be credited after settling the qualifying bets

* All who place at least 600 bets will qualify for the main tournament

* One winner is going to claim the Mercedes Benz SLC

* There is also a cash alternative of €40,000 instead of the car

* General Terms and Conditions always apply

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