It’s currently the last day of the exciting online promotion dubbed as Ted’s £1500 Prize Draw, which brought an amazing prize to the pool over at casino Reel Vegas. You still got some time left to join before the promotion ends however, so if you are feeling up to this task, then maybe you should consider opting in and taking matters into your own hands.

Winners on the highest positions, between 1 and 15, will be receiving £100 each, so it is definitely a good reason to finally register with the Reel Vegas casino, provided that you are not a member already. The best thing is that one can always claim the welcome bonus offer, which is a guaranteed win, even if the prizes in the aforementioned draw are not. Those who still want to enjoy the extra cash though, might want to hurry and enter the raffle, as it is going to end at 23:59 – today.

A minimum of £50 must be wagered on the “Ted” slot to gain an entry ticket, and of course, keeping your fingers crossed might also help. All terms and conditions are available on the ReelVegas website.

Reel Vegas Casino Promotion

* This campaign is open to all adult and valid account holders

* Promotion ends on August 28th, at 23:59BST

* A total £1500 cash prize will be split among the winners

* Mystery prizes are distributed as 15x £100

* Winning accounts will be selected by random

* Prizes are going to be credited on the 31st August

* Operator reserves the right to cancel any promotion

* General Terms & Conditions apply at all times

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