The time has come for another excellent bonus campaign by 7Casino; the brand new online casino that one can visit in order to play the hottest games such platform can provide. The software sure looks like a lot of fun, and you can sample any of the gaming highlights if you only complete the sign up procedure. A round 1 Million of free spins will be handed out by the 7 Casino bonus program during its next promotion; the one that is known as the Kingdoms Rise Giveaway.

Anybody who visits the 7Casino website between the 24th October and 7th November – will be treated to a wide variety of surprises; including the 1,000,000 Free Spins, which have been provided specifically for the purposes of this online promotion. The Kingdoms Rise Giveaway had been separated into two weeks of this event, so if you haven’t been able to join the one hosted in October, then you will have a chance to still get a portion of free spins throughout this next one.

You should still hurry though, because there are only 2 days left of the games, and the winners are going to share a whopping million of bonus spins – available exclusively at the 7 Casino. See for yourselves and visit the official casino website for more updates and news regarding any upcoming promotions or game releases – you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure. Standard terms, conditions, wagering requirements and other rules may still apply, of course.

7Casino Free Spins

Campaign: Kingdoms Rise Giveaway

Rewards: 1,000,000 Free Spins

Week 1: 24th – 31st October

Week 2: 1st – 7th November

Kingdoms Rise: Guardians of the Abyss

Kingdoms Rise: Sands of Fury

Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Forest

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