The FlipperFlip is organizing a huge Spin Hunt, and everybody is welcome to participate in it. Seems like the tables are about to be turned and odds shift for the next competition, which takes place at online casino FlipperFlip from Sunday till Wednesday every week. You can drop by the FlipperFlip casino any time you want, and play many of its fabulous video games. Like slots for instance, or those fantastic games that come with enormous jackpot prizes. What’s better than having a handful of coins and putting them to good use. Slot machines are the best way to do that, and hopefully you will find some good ones, here at the FlipperFlip casino. Once you join, there will be a plethora of other great benefits that you can enjoy.

Furthermore, the Spin Hunt campaign is now in full session, so you will be able to collect as many as 400 free spins. This promotion is active every single week; from Sunday to Wednesday, delivering up to 400 free spins, with multiple tier levels whenever you reach a certain point in this journey. So with that, will come many more surprises of course, since the following is but a quick introduction to what the Flipper Flip world has in store for you. Additional bonus terms and conditions plus wagering requirements will apply.

FlipperFlip Casino Promotion

Promotion: Spin Hunt

Bonus: 400 Free Spins

Start: Sunday

Finish: Wednesday

Wagering: 25x

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