Today is the day many have been waiting for: Halloween – which means partying all day and night long, having fun and doing whatever you enjoy. This would be also a great time for any online player who has been counting the days until the next holiday special from their favorite casino. Thankfully, most of them (if not all) are hosting unique Halloween campaigns that were launched much sooner or would continue long after the Halloween season has ended.

Those of you who have been busy and cannot afford to go out or would simply rather stay at home and rest, should stack on their favorite snacks, drinks and maybe do a Netflix marathon; with all its scary movies and series that run on the platform at the moment. There are also other alternatives; like playing a few more games at one of the casinos that feature a special Halloween Fun promotion – like the online casino Casiplay. Join the Casiplay casino between the 28th and 31st of October 2022, for a lot of free spins, surprise bonuses, and cash prizes – all of which can be won while playing the “Ghosts ‘N’ Gold” game; available at Casiplay as we speak. Certain terms and conditions may apply.

In order to qualify for such rewards, the players must enter the Halloween Fun promotion by Casiplay, and then follow the instructions that can be found on its promotional webpage. Those would involve actively participating in the Ghosts ‘N’ Gold gameplay and collecting points for these special symbols: Wild – 10 points, Bonus – 5 points, Blue Spectre – 2 points. The more points you gather, the higher your position would be; and thus a much better reward. On top of that, there are loads of free spins that everybody may claim after getting enough points: 10 free spins – 100 points, 50 free spins – 250 points, 100 free spins – 500 points. There are other bonuses that can be activated during the games too, so players should keep their eyes peeled and keep an eye out for any incoming combinations on the reels, which can happen in any of the online slots. Go grab as many of those as you can and have fun; because that is all that matters after all.

Casiplay Casino Promotion

The Wild Symbol: 10 Points

The Bonus Symbol: 5 Points

The Blue Spectre Symbol: 2 Points

100 Points: 10 Free Spins

250 Points: 50 Free Spins

500 Points: 100 Free Spins

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