Once there was something called the western frontier, a place in American West where little towns were built by the early settlers, lured by the promises of a new life and Californian gold. Even though the history is as ugly as it usually gets, the romanticized version of the old wild west still lingers in movies and television. If you wish to feel like a bandit cowboy and rob a bank, then nothing will stop you from becoming one, provided that everything is carried out in a safe environment.

One is limited only by the imagination, and you can most definitely experience a modern take on every spaghetti western every produced, by having a few friendly spins at the GunsBet casino. Visit the digital saloon over at casino GunsBet, and play just about any game you like. There are lots of different themes to choose from; some of them involve fantasy tropes, while others were influenced by the science fiction genre, which means that anybody can find a slot to play. Try making the most out of this, so that you can still enjoy the slots while pursuing such things as money or bonuses. Play any game you like or as many as you want, because the platform consists of the best technology this industry has to offer.

More importantly – you can win a whole lot of coins, especially in the frequently hosted online tournaments, like the Win a Bank Tournament, which is already a GunsBet’s regular event. The current one is going to last during March 2022, but you have still plenty of time left to take part in it just the same. There are many rewards for the winners; in fact up to 77 players can expect to see a few spins or even cash prizes. The total prize pool worth 500 Euros and 2500 Free Spins, will be handed out at the end of this tournament, but the games are sure entertaining enough on their own. Find out all about this promotion by reaching the official Guns Bet website, or signing up – if you haven’t already, and see for yourself that this online casino is full of surprises, which ranges from bonus content to the actual software.

GunsBet Casino Promotion

Promo: Win A Bank Tournament

Active: March 2022

Prize Pool: 500 EUR + 2500 FS

Winnings Places: 77

1: 250 Euros
2: 150 Euros
3: 100 Euros
4: 100 Free Spins
5: 100 Free Spins
6: 100 Free Spins
7: 100 Free Spins
8: 100 Free Spins
9: 75 Free Spins
10: 75 Free Spins
11: 75 Free Spins
12: 75 Free Spins
13: 75 Free Spins
14-18: 50 Free Spins
19-28: 30 Free Spins
29-47: 25 Free Spins
48-77: 20 Free Spins

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