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Featuring a massive prize pool worth €100,000 – the Grand Vacation is a free type lottery in which anybody who is part of the Slottica family may participate. It’s a chance to win so many prizes, many of which will be including precious gadgets such as: ATV Suzuki, Gaming Laptop, Samsung Galaxy S9, Apple iPad Pro, Accesstyle Column, External Battery, Holidays in Abu Dhabi, LG TV, or Cognac Hennessy. This particular lottery will be available until the 27th of October this year, but there are many others you can join too – the Slottica casino program has made sure of that.

Slottica Casino Promotion

Tournament: Grand Vacation

Prize Pool: €100,000

Lottery Type: Free

Start Date: 06/10/19

Prize Quantity: 9

Dates of Lottery: Special

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