The Earth is reaching some of the highest temperatures on the planet right now, and it looks like the weather is still going to change, regardless of whatever the cause of this actually is. What wouldn’t you give to spend some of that time on some kind of luxurious vacation, you might probably be asking yourselves, and the answer is closer than you think. In fact, there is a whole lot of things going on right about now at the Slots Devil casino, which has prepared an outstanding promotion for all its loyal customers. All of those who will join the SlotsDevil between the 16th and 30th of August this year, trying to win a particularly attractive prize: a VIP Caribbean Holiday package. Specific terms and conditions are going to apply.

Of all the available options out there, this one is certainly the best for the time being, as it can result in a luxurious trip to the Caribbean Islands, where one can finally unwind in the warmth of the sun with a cold drink in the hand. There will be plenty of opportunities to win this trip, but only players who were e-mailed by the Slots Devil program would be eligible to join this tournament. The games that take part in the following campaign, are Microgaming games, so remember to select this software provider, as others won’t do. With a minimum bet of £250, you can land on the leaderboard and further your exploits by ensuring the winning spot that takes it all in the end. You can be certain that this promotion will also help you try some of the best Microgaming slots – if you haven’t been able to play them in the past, of course.

The tricky part is that you won’t find a better chance to go on a holiday trip to the Caribbean any time soon, so the investment has to be exactly as it is stated by the rules of the tournament. Other than that, you can still have some fun even if you don’t win the competition. This promotion is available in the form of a cash stake tournament, so the rules will be similar to tournaments that were already hosted by the Slots Devil casino in the past.

Slots Devil Casino Promotion

Promotion: Cash Stake Tournament

Minimum Deposit: £250

Maximum Prize Value: £4,500

Featured Games: Microgaming games

Eligible Players: e-mailed members

Active: 16/08/2018

Expires: 30/08/2018

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