The next tournament from Buran Casino brings you another opportunity for great prizes, and what prizes will that be – you can already check at the official casino website. Or stick to this post, where you will learn all about the upcoming competition, and get a sneak peek into what you can expect out of it. BuranCasino is currently encouraging its players to get some of that highly sought “vitamin GA”, which is nothing more than the fantastic GameArt software; a compilation of the best online slots, which you can play at Casino Buran right now. The best part is that you can already follow the online casino, and be the first to learn about its latest promotions, which are often quite many for sure, but that is just a tip of the iceberg.

There are always plenty of great things that you can do around here, starting with a quick bonus boost, which you are about to receive as soon as you make the first deposit. Keep your eyes peeled, and you will quickly gain a plethora of unique traits, each time you visit the Buran Casino, make a qualifying deposit, or when you participate in the competition. As always; certain bonus terms and conditions will apply.

One of such campaigns is the currently ongoing “Get some vitamin GA” tournament, which not only comes with an enormous €5,000 prize pool, but also features all the classic video slots from Game Art. Play online slots like “Queen of the Seas”, “Wild Dolphin”, “Atlantis World” – and with a minimum bet of €10; enter the tournament to win a share of the €5K cash pot. Play and collect points during the month of March 2022, and have a spectacularly good time, because the online casino is always guaranteed to deliver a tremendously good time to everyone who is seeking a little bit of entertainment in their life. It sure can beat any form of gambling; be it at a luxurious parlor like the Sin City itself, or any dilapidated bingo hall for that matter – all thanks to the openness and availability that makes it an inclusive experience in general.

Buran Casino Promotion

Tournament: Get some vitamin GA

Games: Atlantis World, Wild Dolphin, Queen of the Seas

Duration: March 2022

Prize Pool: €5,000

Min. Bet: €10

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