Come and join the online casino Slot Hunter in this next slot tournament iteration, which is going to transport you into the magical world of various Pragmatic Play games. Play these video slots and collect the Gems of Serengeti; a visually pleasing and immensely entertaining tournament, that continues on featuring all these incredible software variants. Which leaves you with a whole lot of these games, and will of course result in many more winning opportunities. Thanks to the Slot Hunter casino and its generous bonus system, everyone who joins the online program will get to enjoy a plethora of other rewards too.

Including many more gifts, and promotions like the Gems of Serengeti. This tournament comes with a total of 500 Euros and 3,000 Free Spins – the prize pool that has been prepared for this occasion all along. See to it that you join the SlotHunter casino between the 18th and 25th of November this year, and you may yet come to find a lot of superb content on top. Bonus terms and conditions will apply.

Slot Hunter Casino Promotion

Tournament: Gems of Serengeti

Prize Pool: 500EUR + 3,000FS

Games: Pragmatic Play slots

Start: 18th November 2022

End: 25th November 2022

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