The Casinoisy casino has been planning a couple more bonus events for its players this month, and now they can enjoy whatever the casino has provided them so far. And there are many things to choose from, including the currently ongoing campaign that revolves around the Game of the Month. This fancy promotion correlates with the numerous slots that it can feature, and it just happens so that it has selected on particular game to be available for the entire duration of this monthly campaign, which is none other than the bonus wilds and free spins fueled “Stellar Spins”. As every other promotion of this caliber, this campaign would also with additional terms and conditions, but no wagering requirements.

The Stellar Spins slot is one exciting game, and it brings a healthy dose of bonus spins, which should be of particular interest to the players. For as long as the Stellar Spins remains the chosen Game of the Month, the players will be able to level up twice as fast, and make double the progress with all the bets they make on this game. There are still many more things that players can look forward to after joining casino Casinoisy, and they are very likely going to receive lots of extra bonuses too. If you care to see some more of those games and would like to be part of the Casinoisy casino’s club, then you are in luck, because the online casino is always looking for new members to include in its generous bonus program.

Casinoisy Casino Promotion

Promotion: Game of the Month

Featured Slot: Stellar Spins

Valid: until 30th April 2019

Double Leveling Up: all bets

Winnings Cap: unlimited

Wagering Requirement: 0

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