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All those things are great and all, but some of you may definitely want to check out the Goal Smash Promotion, featuring a series of live draws and other prize lotteries that were taking place for the past couple of weeks at this online casino. Although it might be ending really soon, the campaign is still going pretty strong, and all of you can participate in this promotion, receiving many bonus prizes in the process. Keep on the lookout for the prizes draws, which coincide with the qualifying dates during which the players can successfully join the raffles. The two parts that make the entirety of the promotion, are the Daily Bonus Giveaways and the Prize Draws, offering a massive prize pot worth €75,000 in total.

Casino Frank has always been a great place for the players to play games and win prizes, so if you would like to enjoy a couple of those benefits, then you are more than welcome to sign up right away. There are also daily bonus giveaways, as every time the players wager a minimum of €20 – they will receive a €5 bonus. Smash this month with a bunch of crazy bonuses and win a lot of cash in what is probably the best promotion by Frank Casino at the moment. There are still many more gaming offers, and you can find them all posted on the casino’s official website.

Frank Casino Promotion

Campaign Period: 14th June – 15th July (2018)

Qualifying Table: Goal Smash Roulette

Total Pot: €75,000

Prize Draw | Total Pot | Qualifying Dates | Winners Announcement
29th June | €5,000 | 14-28th June | 30th June
4th July | €10,000 | 30th June-3rd July | 5th July
8th July | €15,000 | 6th-7th July | 9th July
12th July | €20,000 | 10th-11th July | 13th July
16th July | €25,000 | 14th-15th July | 17th July

Prize Draws:
1st part 16:00 – winners of 10th and 9th place
2nd part 16:15 – winners of 8th and 7th place
3rd part 16:30 – winners of 6th and 5th place
4th part 16:45 – winners of 4th and 3rd place
5th part 17:00 – winners of 1st and 2nd place

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