A rare astronomical event is going to take place this year – on March 31st there is going to be a Blue Moon: something that will happen next in 2021. Although the moon is not going to be literally blue, it has been dubbed so because of its rare occurrence. It will be the second full moon in a single calendar month, which normally happens only once each month, which causes for a celebration nonetheless. This phenomenon is said to cause things that normally does not happen, and with such a luck magnet in motion – it would be definitely a good time to take some risks for greater rewards.

Anyone willing to seize this moment and try some of this luck on games, is welcome to join the Mars Casino in the ongoing festivities that are currently taking place there. What better place to gamble than an online casino named after one of the planets in our own solar system, which could influence the outcomes in certain ways just as well. Follow the links and you will be there in no time, claiming a special offer that MarsCasino has prepared for this special occasion all along.

Each new customer who joins the program and makes a first deposit, will be receiving the Extra 20 Free Spins on top of the standard welcome offer: 100% Bonus & 50 Free Spins. Those additional free spins were reserved for quite the unusual slot: “Lucky Blue” – imagine that, what a coincidence itself. Or maybe not? Who knows what cosmic anomalies might be taking place in the universe, but instead of pondering on that for too long, just visit the Mars Casino site and find out if the stories are true. You can get the extra spins by redeeming the bonus code: LUCKYBLUE, but it has to be done before April 1st, 5pm CET. All terms, conditions, and further requirements are available on the MarsCasino website.

Mars Casino Free Spins

Promotion: Blue Moon

Duration: until 1 April (5pm-CET)


Bonus: 20 Free Spins

Game: Lucky Blue

Qualification: first time depositors

Deposit: 20EUR (minimum)

Eligibility: claimed via live chat

Availability: part of the welcome offer

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