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Pick any device you like; be it a laptop, tablet or smart phone, and access the software that is provided by multiple online platforms. All these immensely entertaining games that call the online casino Fortune Legends their home, are bound to take their players into other dimensions, fantastic realms and even deep into the outer reaches of space. If you’re not a member of the FortuneLegends program, then you are now invited to sign up and become an official part of the crew. The party is just about to start, so don’t keep the casino waiting any longer than you have to. It seems like the adventures are far from over, so if you are looking for new ways to explore the gaming vaults of the Fortune Legends casino – this is a time like no other. The Power July campaign is still on, and will remain active until the very last day of this month. That means you have till the 31st of July 2020 to still enjoy the 400% Cashback, with a 2% Vault Boost when you play NetEnt’s “Cash Noire” slot. There are certain terms and conditions that all players should acknowledge before starting this journey.

Fortune Legends Casino Free Spins

Campaign: Power July

Bonus: 400% Cashback

Extra: 2% Vault Boost

Ends: 31st July 2020

Game: Cash Noire

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