The sheer randomness of winning prizes during a typical raffle is exactly why it is always so exciting in result. Whatever luck one might possess, decides of coming out from such a draw victorious, yet no skills or prior experience are necessary to achieve that whatsoever. That is also why so many players like to attend these prize draws, because apart from the undeniable adrenaline boost and equal chances at winning, there are still multiple rewards to be acquired throughout the course of such competition, rather fitting for such a challenging feature.

Whatever one might hold against these campaigns, should be laid aside as with the following event prepared solely by Kaboo Casino, everybody can share the ultimate prize of €10,000, available in total cash. The money will be split among the top participants, who may gain the privilege to take part in this hosted promotion, but only by collecting special raffle tickets. Each of those tickets can be obtained by wagering €10 on the Nordic Heroes game and there is no limit to how many tickets one might receive in the end, so the more a player bets, the more tickets for the draw would be granted.

The campaign will last for two long weeks, starting with the 29th of April and concluding on the 15th of May 2016, as it has been planned all along. That leaves much of time to start betting your money on the applicable slot and taking some portion of the prize pool back home.

Kaboo Casino promotion

* This promo is not available in Norway

* The campaign runs between 29 April – 15 May (2016)

* Every €10 bet on Nordic Heroes slot grants a single ticket

* A total prize pool of €10,000 will be split among multiple winners

€200 x5
€100 x10
€50 x20
€20 x45
€10 x300
€5 x620

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