Enter the gladiatorial arena of this next online tournament at casino Slotanza, and emerge victorious to seize the main cash prize worth €2,000. This new competition has been provided by the Slotanza casino, with association from the Microgaming studio, who’s game is being the main attraction during this special event. The “Arena of Gold” is a fabulous video slot that brings the ancient tradition of gladiator fights in the coliseum, where fights were to the death and only the best warrior could walk away as the victor. Fortunately, this bloody sport is just a page in history books, whereas the Arena of Gold slot and its prizes are very real. If you would like to know more about the ancient gladiators and have fun playing this new video slot, then why don’t you check out this online casino. There are plenty of different games to choose from; live tables, video pokers and slot machines are just some of them. The fun and safety of this experience are always guaranteed.

Players can opt in between the 8th and 15th of May 2020 to compete for the pool of prizes: €5,000 in total. Once you decide to join, you can head immediately to the Slotanza website, register an account and play the Arena of Gold. Just make sure to claim your welcome bonus for new players, which should work quite nicely in providing the additional funds to get you started pretty quick. Once you get settled and enjoy the resources provided by Slotanza, you can look forward to other promotions of this kind, as well as plenty of extra free spins or some reload bonuses. Terms and conditions may apply.

Slotanza Casino Promotion

Start: 8th May 2020 [7am-GMT]

End: 15th May 2020 [7am-GMT]

Software: Microgaming

Game: “Arena of Gold” slot

Prizes: €5,000 cash pool

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