The online casino: Casimpo is going to surprise its players with the sheer total of cash prizes that were prepared to make this upcoming tournament more exciting than ever. It sure does wonders having a really big prize pool set before your eyes, so that you won’t lose focus and forget just how much you can win by just playing some of the games that were brought to you by the Casimpo casino. General terms and conditions apply, just as might some other tournament requirements. The online casino will help you get straight into action, and allow you to get advantage of some of the special privileges.

The rules of this tournament are really simple, and you can collect 5 points for every €/£10 that you win across all the tables, and receive 20 points extra for each bet that you place on a winning symbol – at the Reel Roulette tables. Get even more points when you decide to visit the Blackjack table, where mystery treasure cards are going to add the extra 20 points as well. It sure can be a lot of fun to bet, play and win, but don’t forget that you can also win some really great prizes, which are more than just a pleasant distraction. The thing is, that you can always win yourself plenty of great rewards, and with just a little effort on your behalf. Sign up and join Casimpo – or log in if you already are a registered member of the club.

This is the Da Vinci’s Treasure Live Tournament, and it comes with €/£25,000 in cash prizes, so there is a lot at stake, and even more to gain out of it. Any of those who are particularly drawn to the live casino experience, are now capable of enjoying all of the privileges brought by the Casimpo program, as well as compete for getting as much cash as possible.

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Promotion: Da Vinci’s Treasure

Type: Live Dealer Tournament

Duration: 20th-30th September 2018

Prize Pool: €/£25,000

5 Points: every €10 won across all tables

20 Points: bet on winning symbol (Reel Roulette)

20 Points: Treasure Mystery card (Blackjack 1 + VIP)

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