The future is uncertain and there is probably nothing that could reveal what awaits in the next hours, days or years. Even the most gifted of psychics cannot predict the actual events, and although many have tried, it often fails short of anything even remotely accurate. However, the magic is strong at Paf, the only place in the virtual realm where one chance can make a huge difference, and sometimes not everything is exactly what it seems to be. Casino Paf has selected its most ambitious game: “House of Doom”, to host this otherworldly campaign, and reward those who are worthy of the prizes.

And there are a couple of those, starting with a shiny new piece of equipment – an electric guitar, 3-day pass to a rock festival, and of course: lots and lots of free spins. The House of Doom is an atmospheric online game, and you can almost feel the impending doom creeping on you while playing the slot. Take a spin and find out what the Seer is going to reveal, and while she remains busy predicting the outcomes of the universe, the participants can focus on whatever appears during the encounters, as there will be many obstacles to overcome. You have two chances to win each day of this promotion, with as many as 30 Free Spins and 2 virtual tickets that get you entry into the €10,000 raffle, so there is not only cash but also free spins. The promotion started on the 2nd May, and will last until May 10th, which means you have little time left before it ends. But worry not, you can sign up really quick and opt in, then play the House of Doom slot and reveal what kind of doomsday scenario is going to hit this world. Further terms and conditions can be found via the Paf casino website.

Paf Casino Promotion

Skulls of Abyss
> 10 free spins
> 1 raffle ticket

Doom Spins
> 20 free spins
> 1 raffle ticket

Raffle Prizes
Position / Prize
1st: €3,000
2nd: €1,400
3rd-4th: €600
5th-10th: €100
11th-200th: €20

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