It’s a hot summer season out there, thankfully one can always hide in the shadows and sip an ice cold drink to cool off a bit. It is also a perfect time for a long awaited vacation and go visit some exotic place or a tropical island, putting distance between you and the tedious monotony of everyday work. Whether you’re staying at home with your family and friends or going far away to a distant continent, you may always drop by Guts casino, just to enjoy some of its games and bonuses.

It happens so, that casino Guts continues its summer campaign, filled with refreshing free spins and 45 different sets of those rounds to keep you busy this season. You can play all of your favorite games by filling the progress bar and leveling to the next one, as each level comes with a lot of free spins, so make sure to play along and log in to your account at Guts between the 12th of June and 20th of August. Pick up a daily bar boost for a special offer, with 73 of those given away throughout the whole promotional period. Sadly, this campaign is open exclusively to the regions of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Malta, Ireland, Gibraltar, Germany, Finland and Austria, so if you are a resident of any of those countries, then you will not be able to participate. Worry not though, as there are still other things that you can do, because playing games is available non-stop during the entire year, and Guts always provides new ways to successfully entertain yourself. Full requirements are typically provided with the promotion itself.

Guts Casino Free Spins

* Promotion is open to the following territories: Austria, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

* All dates and times are provided in the Coordinated Universal Time

* The Cool Spinnings promo runs from 12th June to 20th August

* 45 sets of free spins await the players during this summer

* In order to receive the bonus, one has to fill up the level bar

* A total of 73 special offers is available throughout this period

* General bonus terms and conditions apply

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