The time has finally come to pack your stuff and go on a summer vacation, provided that you have already made some preparations and took the time off from work to spend a couple of days in the sun. Everyone could use some quality time without the everyday hassle and stressful situations that often coincide with a professional carrier. Thankfully there comes a moment when you can leave all that behind and enjoy a cold drink under the summer sky. Do not forget about your favorite games, which you can play at Premier Live Casino – the number one source for everything gambling and digital. The online casino is going to launch its Summer Mission campaign for €35,000, available to all registered members of the lounge.

Find out how you can start making progress as soon as the promotion begins, which is on the 29th June. The summer missions will continue until the 6th July, as after this period will come the raffle. Complete the mission by playing the “Sunny Shores” video slot in order to qualify for the €30,000 prize pool, which is going to be split among the top 300 winners. The prizes would then take form of cash bonuses, wager-free and shared among the leading players of this competition. The rest of €5,000 in cash has been reserved for the participants of the raffle, which takes place between the 7th and 9th of July. To qualify for the raffle you must pick a treasure chest during the mission window and do that within the next 72 hours. Be sure to visit Premier Live Casino in the following days, so that you do not miss any of the action.

Premier Live Casino Promotion

Prize pool: €35,000

Cash bonuses: €30,000

Cash prizes: €5,000

Qualifying game: “Sunny Shores”

Mission specification: collect 100 Sunny Wilds

Classification period: 29th June [10:00CET] – 6th July [23:59CET]

Raffle interval: 7th July [00:00CET] – 9th July [23:59CET]

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