Welcome Terrans – to the best entertainment platform in the galaxy: Mars Casino. Here, you will encounter many fantastic games and a variety of other attractions; among which you will also find a plethora of bonus benefits, like free spins. The latter can be acquired during the next MarsCasino expedition into outer space, where its companions are going to have many adventures, while collecting 70 free spins on a daily basis. This campaign has been launched specifically for the next couple of days, preceding this year’s winter holiday season, hence the X-mas Spins promotion. Prepare yourselves for multiple digital encounters, and gain up to 210 Free Spins – when you make a minimum deposit worth 15 Euros on every single day of this promotion. The following Xmas special is available on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December 2019.

The free spins that you are going to receive throughout these three consecutive days, are going to be credited on the steam-punk, post-apocalyptic adventure – known as the “Mechanical Orange”. All the terms and conditions can be found within the email. Mars Casino would like to extend its invitation to players all over the planet, offering them an incredibly profitable opportunity to play amazing new games and score additional rounds, multiple spins and piles of coins.

Mars Casino Free Spins

Featured Campaign: X-mas Spins

Duration: 18 – 20 December 2019

Bonus: 70 Free Spins (total: 210)

Game: Mechanical Orange

Minimum Deposit: 15EUR

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