There are probably many who wonder how it would be to visit Japan and let yourself be immersed in its rich culture, with thousands of years worth of traditions and advanced technologies from the modern age. The land of cherry blossoms is full of surprises for the outsiders, so if you aren’t originally from this country, or have never visited it before, then it sure can be an adventure of a lifetime. If you wish you could go there and witness all the exciting places in Japan, then you might want to first check out the truly Japanese online casino: Lucky Niki. LuckyNiki has even its own unique theme, inspired by the art of manga and anime – two iconic categories of entertainment, which represent the traditional Japanese comic book and animation respectively. Would you maybe like to try some of the delicious food that is already famous around the world, like sushi or ramen noodles, then the next tournament by the Lucky Niki casino is going to aid you in this venture.

LuckyNiki is a casino first of course, so one can expect to meet all the popular games like slots or live dealer features, which are quite common to every platform that promotes this kind of software. The tournament would be held in LuckyNiki’s honor, because Niki is celebrating its 1st Birthday – which causes for more than celebration. Niki’s first anniversary is also a great opportunity for those who haven’t registered with this online casino yet, but would like to experience its own brand of gaming, which is supported by many of the popular gaming solutions. The next month will be especially important for all members of the program, as it is when the Japanese Tournament will finally start, lasting only for a couple of days – between May 24th and June 3rd, 2018. Mark this event in your calendar, and don’t miss it for the world, because who knows when will be the next chance to win a trip to Japan. The runners-up can still expect to get some worthy prizes, including an Amazon voucher and a coupon for a genuine Japanese meal. Celebrate the anniversary at Lucky Niki, and win a dream trip for yourself and that special someone in your life. There is still plenty of time left before the tournament opens, so use it to learn even more about this exciting promotion, and register via the casino website – if you haven’t done so already.

LuckyNiki Casino Promotion

Campaign: LuckyNiki’s 1st Anniversary

Promotion: Dream Trip to Japan Tournament

Start: 24th May 2018

End: 3rd June 2018

1st – A Dream Trip for to to Japan
2nd – €300 Amazon voucher
3rd – €200 to a Japanese restaurant

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