Have you noticed that things are already escalating since the beginning of this new year. Well, for some it’s just another year, but hopefully everyone will have a much better one than the previous, 2020. Everyone should have the ability to live a comfortable, safe and peaceful life, but more often than not, there are things beyond our control. Whatever you do, make sure to find out more about the things that can be done in order to progress and evolve. A positive attitude can help a lot too, but one must fully regain strength in order to push forward. That is where places like the Vera & John casino are going to help a lot, because these are often full of excellent content, not to mention some of the best games one can play on the internet right now. But you may find out all about that, if you only take the time to simply check all the requirements.

Think of this as your next stop to recharge the batteries, and maybe even collect a few different things here and there. Along the way, you will encounter many bonuses, as well as some fascinating online games. Return to casino Vera & John once more, and play its fabulous new games, starting with the slots that are part of this particular online tournament. The next version of the Tournament-tastic event is being hosted right now, starting with the 8th January, until the 13th January (2021). With a total cash pool of 3,500 Euros – the following tournament is going to bring lots and lots of coins to the table, so to speak.

Vera & John Casino Promotion

Tournament: Tournament-tastic!

Start: 08/01/2021 [11:00CEST]

End: 13/01/2021 [11:00CEST]

Prize pool: €3,500 cash

Rules: most game rounds

Minimum # of rounds: 100

Winning positions: Top 55

Qualifying bet / round: €0.20

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