Have a great Xmas this year and win yourself a shiny new car, why not, because it’s the end of the year and who knows what other surprises the new on might bring. Thanks to Casino And Friends, you will now have a chance to make your dreams come true and drive off into the sunset, right after winning the Super-Duper Mini Cooper II Christmas Edition.

All players of the CasinoAndFriends program can now win a new Mini or some other amazing prizes, which have been brought by the operator for the duration of the holiday season. The year is ending, so make sure that you seize this opportunity and get yourself a new ride to start off the new one with a blast. There are many ways to do that, but the easiest one would probably be in winning the Cooper in CasinoAndFriends’ holiday promotion. The Christmas Edition of Super-Duper Mini Cooper opens the second chapter of the returning campaign, during which one lucky person can this set of hot wheels.

There are only four days left, so you should probably hurry, but there is still a chance to claim the vehicle as your own. Put the pedal to the metal and celebrate the New Year’s Eve in style, more than you could hope for at any home made party. You can claim your daily free ticket if you have deposited at Casino And Friends within the last 24 hours, so get into it right away. Each ticket costs as little as €1, and you can win yourselves as many of them as you like, because there is no limit to the number of tickets one may gain as entries to this tournament. The promotion ends on the 30th of December, and while the MINI Cooper is available as the main prize, there are still plenty of other rewards for the top 20 winners. Apart from the car, there is a whole bunch of cold, hard cash, as well as mega spins on some of the favorite casino games, slots included.

Casino And Friends Promotion

Super Duper MINI Cooper II Christmas Edition Tournament
1st: MINI Cooper
2nd: €2500 Cash
3rd: €1500 Cash
4th: €600 Cash
5th: €400 Cash
6th: 100 Mega Spins
7th: 100 Mega Spins
8th: 100 Mega Spins
9th: 100 Mega Spins
10th: 50 Mega Spins
11th: 50 Mega Spins
12th: 50 Mega Spins
13th: 50 Mega Spins
14th: 50 Mega Spins
15th: 25 Mega Spins
16th: 25 Mega Spins
17th: 25 Mega Spins
18th: 25 Mega Spins
19th: 25 Mega Spins
20th: 25 Mega Spins

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