Although the winter holiday season had ended, there are still some festivities going on out there, celebrating either the last few days of this year, or already looking forward into the new one. Make yourselves comfortable, grab a couple of snacks, a hot beverage, put on some warm socks, and let the games begin. The Casinoin platform will take you on a journey through these magical realms of fantasy and wonder, available through its many magnificent games, which you can play here right away. Come on in and take a seat at the fireplace, a virtual but cozy one nonetheless. The Xmas Fair still goes on, and will continue until the 30th of December this year, so that you and everybody else, could opt in and enjoy some of its fabulous rewards. And there is a progressive prize pool that’s full of prizes; namely €30,000 in total.

With all these amazing things that keep on popping every now and then, you will likely appreciate all that these fantastic and unique gambling sites are able to offer. For starters; there is a whole variety of new and classic video games, featuring some online slots and plenty more things that you can immediately receive upon doing what is require; and that’s simply playing the games. The top 250 players will see a significant share of that cash pot, and so you can still join it, and play those holiday slots, which are quite enticing themselves. A complete set of terms and conditions can be found on the Casinoin website.

Casinoin Promotion

Campaign: Xmas Fair

Start: 23.12.2020

End: 30.12.2020

Prize Pool: €30,000

Leaderboard: top 250

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