There is probably nothing more relaxing than having a cold drink while bathing in the warmth of the summer sun, breathing in the fresh outdoor air in some exotic location, surrounded by peace and tranquility of this planet’s nature. One might dream about such wonderful vacation for years and not be able to realize it due to overwhelming projects or tight job schedules at work. Never lose hope however, because even if you cannot go someplace warm, the Summer Island comes to aid; bringing a lot of attractions and fantastic stuff that will be gradually unlocked during the next couple of weeks.

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Casino Heroes Promotion

Stage 1: [00:00CEST] 15/06/2018 – [23:59CEST] 17/06/2018

Stage 2: [00:00CEST] 22/06/2018 – [23:59CEST] 24/06/2018

Stage 3: [00:00CEST] 29/06/2018 – [23:59CEST] 01/07/2018

Stage 4: [00:00CEST] 06/07/2018 – [23:59CEST] 08/07/2018

Stage 5: [00:00CEST] 13/07/2018 – [23:59CEST] 15/07/2018

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