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All participants are able to collect up to 500 tickets each week, which should give them an upper hand in the nearest draw for one of the prize pools. The draws are held each Monday, after which the progress resets and one can start gathering entries all over again. The entire campaign is based on five chapters, each of them offering €10,000 to the top 100 winners. This should keep you distracted throughout any boring week, and provide an opportunity to earn some extra money just as well. Check out the full requirements and qualify for the promo by signing up at Guts right now.

Chapters / Draws
25th September – 1st October | 2nd October
2nd October – 8th October | 9th October
9th October – 15th October | 16th October
16th October – 22nd October | 23rd October

Guts Casino Promotion

Spot / Prize
1st: €5,000
2nd: €1,000
3rd: €750
4th: €500
5th-6th: €250
7th: €125
8th-10th: €100
11th-15th: €75
16th-20th: €50
21st-25th: €40
26th-30th: €30
31st-35th: €25
36th-40th: €20
41st-45th: €15
46th-100th: €10

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