It’s that special time of the year when many of your dreams may actually come true, and considering just how much effort it takes to achieve something nowadays – it might be just the perfect opportunity to gain some bonus points and enjoy your life to the fullest extent. The GunsBet casino is also going to celebrate the holiday season, by ensuring that its players have something to look forward to whenever they return to play here. It would be best to simply find that out by joining the GunsBet program, and playing some of its online games, or better yet – entering the Xmas Tournament.

Right now, the online casino has an ongoing Xmas Tournament, which brings a total of 10,000 EUR to the top 100 players who will score the most points during the course of this exciting competition. You can expect the competition to be tough, and the games to be as entertaining as ever – especially since there are so many of them to choose form in the first place. One you realize just how much you can gain during this promotion, you will have your hands full with all the spinning and betting that will guarantee as many winning combinations as ever. This could also be a perfect chance for the guests to sign up and open accounts with the Guns Bet casino program, so if you are still new to this gaming network, then follow the steps and you will be playing there in no time. General terms and conditions may still apply.

GunsBet Casino Promotion

Campaign: Xmas Tournament

Prize Pool: 10,000 EUR

Winning Places: 100

1 Point: 1 Euro

Wagering: 3x

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