It’s time for another spectacular tournament by Twin, this time brought forth by some classic games. The Weekend Race Tournament is going to be huge, not doubt about it, so expect nothing short of gambling excellence, plus all the joy and fun as soon as you arrive at the online casino. From the very beginning, it will be everything that a fan of this sort of entertainment may want out of it, including plenty of cash prizes from the massive prize pool that had been reserved for this occasion only. Anybody who wants to qualify for the Weekend Race tourney can do so by making a minimum number of consecutive rounds. The score itself is also based on the rounds made consecutively while playing the game. A minimum bet of 0.10GBP has to be set at all times, so that every round may count toward the total progress.

Also, be sure to follow the leaderboard scores, which should easily provide a sneak peek into the current top positions and track your own progress in the process. Twin casino always provides enough of excellent content to work with, and this promotion is no different, providing an exciting diversion from anything else. Just make sure to place your bets on the selected game, as this is also part of the participation requirement. This campaign begun just recently and will continue to go on right until the end of this week. With so much to do in the following two weeks, the members of casino Twin are definitely going to have a great time. With that much cash to be won, many of the players should walk away with their pockets filled with chips, not to mention the amazing time they are going to have, nonetheless.

Twin Casino Promotion

Tournament: Weekend Race

Prizes: $1000 + 500FS

Ends: 20th December 2021

Minimum: 20 rounds

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