The seasons are ever changing like the mysterious weave of a magical force, and even though science has fully explained the phenomenon thousand times over, it’s still quite the sight to behold. YoYo Casino has already started to celebrate the Vernal Equinox with its Slot of the Week tournament. The game that will be featured throughout this particular campaign is a brand new Foxium release – the wonderful video slot: “Adelia the Fortune Wielder”. Following the adventures of the beautiful sorceress Adelia through multiple fantasy realms, the magical lands are filled with treasures of all kinds; mysterious artifacts, golden coins, and even mana potions. Casino YoYo will be giving away plenty of extra loyalty points during this promotion, and all players are welcome to get a juicy portion of those points at the end of this tournament.

Jump straight into action, starting with the 19th March, as the promo will run its course right until March 23rd. The total prize pool reserved for this event is 100,000 Loyalty Points, and with a minimum bet of just €0.30, you can enter the competition, and play the absolutely fantastic game of Adelia: The Fortune Wielder. There are of course, many more reasons why this particular promotion should prove to be worth the while, but definitely the most important one is that it’s a great opportunity to check this game out. Other than that, winning some extra points will also help you in the long run, so be sure to join and look out for the next slot of the week tournament – only at online casino Yo Yo.

YoYo Casino Promotion

Slot of the Week: Adelia – The Fortune Wielder

Start: 19-03-2018

End: 23-03-2018

Total prize pool: 100,000 L.P.

Min. bet: €0.30

1 = 17,000LP
2 = 15,000LP
3 = 12,000LP
4 = 11,000LP
5 = 10,000LP

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