A new lottery will be available pretty soon at Casino Columbus, and during that time – all players can win themselves a lot of comp points. In fact, the upcoming lottery is going to bring a total 25,000CP for all the winners out there, who are planning to participate in this raffle. You are more than welcome to that as well, and you only need to place a one-time deposit of €25 minimum to collect a winning ticket that will be selected in the draw. The 25000 CP prize pool is quite a treat for those who already know what they want to buy with their comp points, and as many as 5 winning tickets will be sharing some of the prizes. Columbus Casino is well known for its interesting bonus program, which comes with a plethora of bonus rewards for all the active members. There are already a couple of tournaments going on right about now, and you can always opt for participating in any of them, which should definitely help you achieve what others couldn’t possibly imagine.

The following lottery is a particularly interesting alternative for those who are eager to face against the odds, but you can always win with even just a single entry, as it only takes one lucky ticket to win the prize. Don’t shy away from playing your favorite games if you get the chance to do it, because there are plenty of those at CasinoColumbus; always guaranteed to ensure this could be a fun experience. The best part about it all, is that you don’t even have to be familiar with any of the casino services, because those are as intuitive as they come. This lottery will certainly inspire others to seize the moment and take part in other activities, not necessarily involved with raffles, but also coinciding with the online casino experience – as presented by the Casino Columbus, and its rich bonus rewards program.

Casino Columbus Promotion

Tournament: Lucky Ticket

Duration: 26/07/2018

Prize Fund: 25,000CP

Minimum Deposit: €25.00

Winning Tickets: 5

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