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The Cash Pyramid is a network promotion in which you can participate right now. It offers a total of €60,000 in prizes, and so it will allow you to experience this type of gaming in any way you please. Keep in mind that you can always drop by this amazing online casino, and get yourselves a whole bunch of different things. Because of that, you will get to enjoy some really fantastic rewards. Get ready, for this is where you may come to appreciate a whole bunch of different things. The Cash Pyramid on the other hand, will continue on between the 29th July and August 5th, so if you want to qualify, then you may want to enter this campaign right away. Because today is the last day of this promo, you may want to enter in order to grab a share out of the 60,000 Euros, so that you can get ready for even more things to come your way.

Vesper Casino Promotion

Campaign: Cash Pyramid

Prize Pool: €60,000

Start: 29th July 2021

End: 5th August 2021

Games: qualifying slots

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