The Christmas season is just around the corner and with it, lots of Xmas sales that you are probably going to participate in. With the beginning of December, players will be already undergoing some preparations to buy presents for their friend and family, but one must still remember to have fun and take care of yourself as well.

You may even join some of the top notch entertainment with your best buddies and pals and play some outstanding games while collecting various goodies offered by numerous online casinos throughout the winter season. Thanks to such promotions as calendars, each day brings something new, so that you may all find out that special meaning in whatever it is that makes this month so special. Sign up for the one of a kind promo that has just been launched by the Royal Panda casino and during which all sorts of bonus gifts will be presented to you.

The Royal Panda’s December Calendar provides 31 days of festive fun, accompanied with different types of campaigns which include deposit bonuses, free spins, loyal points, cash prizes, royal spins, gaming consoles, reload bonuses, money vouchers, film collectibles, sport gear and other packages that include some interesting wares. Enjoy the entire month of December 2016 with all the amazing stuff that you can only muster and find out what each of those individual days holds for you, because you do not have to opt in every day to see what comes next on the Xmas list. Definitely at must if you consider yourself a player and active member of the Royal Panda gambling lounge, so if you have already made it to the next of the previous month, then celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with your favorite online casino.

There are also fantastic welcome offers and bonus packages with extra spins for those who have not been able to join this service as of yet, plus the overwhelming jackpot numbers are still waiting to be claimed. All that and more awaits you at Royal Panda right now, so hurry up and do not let yourself be kept down by everyday worries; make some new year changes this instant. Have a royal good time and a very happy holidays indeed.

Royal Panda Casino Promotion

* All forms of goodies; be it bonuses, free spins or cashbacks, are credited on the following day

* Players must still wager the amount that is equal to the advertised minimum requirement

* Real money has to be used in order to join any of the featured promotions

* To enter, players may always turn to playing a slot on either the desktop or mobile platforms

* Promotions run daily between 00:00 and 23:59 CET, unless stated otherwise

* The casino can offer an alternative prize if they players wish so or in case of unavailability

* Some of the games might not be accessible in specific regions

* Participants of the campaign are able to enter a daily promotion only once

* Winners will be listed on the Royal Panda Facebook page

* Standard Terms & Conditions apply at all times

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