Horrifying visions of apocalypse, monsters prowling the land, demon hordes pouring out of hell – all this is fortunately pure fiction, but who doesn’t like a good scare in the form of movies or video games? The Halloween season is quickly approaching, so it’s perfect time for any of the previously mentioned attractions. There are even a couple of holiday specials for this year’s Halloween, one of the best being held by the Spin And Win casino. The 28 Plays Later is a fantastic online promo in which everyone can participate, as the campaign lasts from 2nd till 30th October; a whole month of scary stuff and extra cash. Those who want to enter the promo, can opt in by using the button, located on the 28 Plays Later promotional webpage of casino Spin And Win, where the rest of details regarding this competition are also available.

Win a bite of the £28,000 prize pool by completing the challenging gameplay and collecting raffle tickets in any or even all of the following events: “FaBOOlous Rewards”, “Spooktacular Spins Feast”, “The Ghostly Bucks”, “Halloween Fortune”. Each of those will offer a chance to win fabulous money rewards, and even though the first already came to a conclusion, the next one has just begun. For every promotion that you qualify, you can receive 1 ticket for the prize draw, as well as a guaranteed prize from SpinAndWin, send straight to your account on October 31st, 2017.

FaBOOlous Rewards: 2nd – 8th October 2017
Spooktacular Spins Feast: 9th – 15th October 2017
The Ghostly Bucks: 16th – 22nd October 2017
Halloween Fortune: 23rd – 29th October 2017

Spin And Win Casino Promotion

28 Plays Later: Fight for a bite of £28K
Tickets – Win a share of
1 – £4,000
2 – £6,000
3 – £8,000
4 – £10,000

Ghostly Bucks
Coins Collected / Prize
1-19: £5 Cash
20-49: £10 Cash
50-99: £20 Cash
100-199: £30 Cash
200+: £50 Cash

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