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And that is where these excellent bonus offers may come to aid, for one can never have too many chips or free spins for that matter. That is also what the players can find when you visit the online casino in January 2021. For the program has launched a couple of excellent bonuses for that particular time. There are four distinctive bonuses, each with a different amount of spins and bonus coins. Just deposit the amount required to unlock such bonus, and enter the promo code that comes with it. Get to play some of the most fantastic video slots, and of course enjoy your newly acquired bonus resources.

Slotavia Casino Promotion

Bonus: 25% up to £500
Code: JAN21
Deposit: £10

Bonus: 15 Free Spins
Game: “Dark King”
Code: FS15
Deposit: £10+

Bonus: 30 Free Spins
Game: “Win-A-Beest”
Code: FS30
Deposit: £20+

Bonus: 75 Free Spins
Game: “Agent Destiny”
Code: FS75
Deposit: £50+

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