If you’re a fan of a really intense sports, like boxing for instance – then the Lady Hammer Casino is a perfect place for those who dedicate their time to gambling, but also who are interested in following the latest events in the world of sport. Boxing might be a demanding lifestyle, full of discipline and focus, but online gaming is not strict in any of that sense, and can be enjoyed by everyone who simply wants to have some fun, or maybe even win a few coins or free spins.

The LadyHammerCasino is also hosted by none other than the unbeaten worldwide champion in boxing: Christina “Lady” Hammer. This extremely talented boxer is now inviting all players to join the exclusive lottery, carried out by the Lady Hammer Casino program during the month of August 2018. Only during this lottery, you can win a ticket into the Gala Dinner of the WBC Convention, and a chance to meet famous boxing stars like Lennox Lewis or Vitali Klitschko. Traveling to Ukraine could also be a great opportunity to finally take some time off from work and everything else, and focus on yourself to unwind, recharge your batteries, and have a fantastic time while attending this exclusive gala.

The World Boxing Council convention is taking place this year in Kiev, at the Fairmont Grand Hotel on October 1st at 19:00. All the travel expenses and accommodation are fully covered by the casino operator, so if you want to see the Lady Hammer herself – then make sure that you enter the lottery by LadyHammerCasino, taking place between the 1st and 31st of August. To enter the raffle, you have to spend 20 Euros on a ticket, but the more you invest – the better chances you will ultimately have at winning. And there is much more than that, because aside from two winning tickets for the Gala Dinner, there are also cash prizes and a lot of free spins. It’s a total of 1000 Free Spins and 2000 EUR, so the stakes are high and the prizes are definitely worth it. As usually the case with such promotions, certain terms and conditions will apply.

Lady Hammer Casino Promotion

Lottery: 1st-31st August 2018

Deposit: 20 Euros

Wagering: 25x

2 x Gala Dinner tickets
4 x 500 EUR
20 x 50 Free Spins

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