There is always a chance to come out first in any sporting event, especially a one that requires speed as the deciding factor to win. Regardless if this involves machines or is based solely on the human factor, it all comes to how good one actually is at something, but a little bit of luck might always come in handy. There is no need for you to be an indomitable athlete to sample the sweet taste of victory, as right now you can get a chance to experience this and more by joining the recently launched online campaign by the Omni Slots casino.

Participating in the competition allows to indulge oneself in intense gaming, filled with excitement and fun, while winning the event may definitely grant the privilege of feeling as the ultimate victor. Though that does not end there, for the main prize takes the lucky person to witness firsthand the adrenaline pumped racing tournament that falls under the F1 category of vehicles. If you wish to travel and see the high octane races yourself, then start by liking the Facebook page belonging to casino Omni Slots and then proceed with the next set of instructions. That would mean you will have to collect raffle tickets, in order to take part in the big draw that is planned to be carried out on the 2nd of June.

Each and every single cumulative deposit of €50 will generate one ticket that includes you into the draw. The more deposits one makes, the more tickets will be acquired, therefore giving much better chances at winning at the end of the competition. That is what players may fully expect from this special event, as much as the entertainment factor is completely guaranteed to be of high importance. The promo is going to run until the 31st of May, so it leaves an entire month for procuring as many tickets as only possible.

Omni Slots Casino promotion

The main prize package is worth a total of €3000 and includes:
– Return flights to the desitnation and back for two
– 2x tickets for the Formula 1 Racing weekend
– 4 full nights in a luxurious hotel
– €500 pocket money

* Each cumulative deposit worth €50 provides a single ticket

* Tickets can be collected till the end of 31 May 2016

* The final draw takes place on the 2nd of June

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