If you have never visited Monte Carlo and would like to experience this firsthand, then there are many ways to accomplish this task. For one, the best option that currently may seem to work, is an online challenge hosted by the LuckLand Casino, where the ultimate winner of such event will be going to see Monte Carlo in its full glory. Plus, those who do not receive this opportunity, may still win lots of bonuses which are guaranteed for the next places of the leader board. The participants have still much time to join, as the campaign concludes on the 30th of April 2016. In order to grab the first prize, one must first earn comp points and at least 500,000 of them, as a necessary minimum that qualifies in result.

Those likely to become eligible for the aforementioned prizes, must make a minimum €20 deposit on five different days of this competition, which is also a mandatory requirement that needs to be fulfilled along with collecting the specific number of comp points. The prize can also be exchanged for cash, as an alternative to the trip in itself, if a winner wishes so.

LuckLand Casino Promotion

* The promotion ends on the 30th of April, 2016

* A minimum amount that can be deposited: €20

1st spot: Monte Carlo Vacation
2nd spot = €700 Bonus
3rd spot = €500 Bonus
4th spot = €250 Bonus
5th spot = €100 Bonus
6th–15th spots = €50 Bonus

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