This year brings another hardcore challenge at Casumo, with an additional chance to go out and see the big world out there. It would be the fabulous Vegas this time, that is considered as the main prize and destination where a single lucky winner is bound to go in the end. The trip to Las Vegas is not all however, for the online casino will guarantee €5,000 in spending money to sweeten the deal even more.

If you find yourself to be at Casino Casumo, then you must try your skills at one of the challenges, even if you are not going to aim for the Vegas prize. Because there are several levels to this competition and one might choose anyone of those and aim for a particular reward that goes along with such tier. Be mindful however, that when you choose a particular level of such challenge, there will be no going back, as changing it cannot be done at this point. There is the Easy Level with a €800 Top Prize, the Medium Level with the €1,500 Top Prize and finally the Hardcore Level that includes a €5,000 Top Prize as well as the Vegas Trip.

Casumo Vegas Challenge 2016

Anyone can join this competition; anyone with an active Casumo account that is. Opting in is free and in order to do that, one might simply have to make it between the period of 15th February and 14th March, this year. The Vegas Challenge by Casumo will be held at the casino on featured games, which the operator will also suggest as the best choices for completing each of those tasks. The missions that would be available, are considered as the main reason for selecting the top contributors and leaders will be solely based on the least amount of spins used during such missions.

That is relatively simple – if you wish to win a particular prize from the level you have already selected, then pay attention to what mission is currently enabled and use as few spins as possible to complete it. The casino will also pick up 30 of the top players from each of the challenges and reward them with cash prizes that would be wager free. The higher a position is on such leaderboard, the better prize it will be in result. Although these challenges will involve both skill and luck, it is best to find a balance between strategy and randomness, for it might prove what is required to come out victorious. By choosing the best game for a specific challenge, you might overcome more obstacles and thus get better scores in return.

The online casino will even recommend what types of games are generally more effective to process with, but if you have any favorite games, then you are welcome to use those in order to progress further on. Casumo is going to count only the best scores from each mission, therefore participants may always replay them as many times as they want and aim to proceed with a better outcome the next time it occurs. There will be also a leader board showing what positions are currently taken by players who have achieved them by using the least number of spins. The five kinds of missions that would be available during this promotion, are: “spin x times”, “win x times”, “win x times in a row”, “get x big wins”, “get x mega wins”.

Completing some of the missions will also unlock specific valuables, which are either Free Spins or Super Spins, lined up for this part. Each of the three challenge levels has a different fixed bet option, which comes in the form of: Easy – €0.50/spin, Medium – €1.00/spin, Hardcore – €3.00/spin and so one may finish a challenge as many times as possible, until a satisfying outcome is generated. Consider this as an encouragement to seize this opportunity and go to see Las Vegas for yourself by winning the top prize of this astounding competition

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