The Grand Ivy Casino may still be relatively new on the market, but this is certainly an advantage not to be trifled with. Due to the fact that it seems very refreshing and capable of offering a lot of rewards, this online casino commemorates its launch with an exclusive giveaway, which may not seem like much at first, but when you realize that the main prize is a brand new Mercedes-Benz SLC, it rather changes everything. Each and every single month, Grand Ivy is maintaining its promise and providing another opportunity to grab this luxurious car. In order to participate in this event and take a shot at winning the vehicle, one must first and foremost sign up on The Grand Ivy Casino website and register a valid user account. Then, all that it takes is play and keep on doing so with real money, as each successful deposit counts toward getting a better chance to come out victorious. Only those with sufficient Ivy Points are going to take part in the monthly draw for the Mercedes-Benz, as 10 points are automatically granted for every deposit made and worth at least £100. Just as one reaches the required 1,000 points in total, a single entry for the raffle is then credited to such an individual. The entry is used to become included into the monthly draw, therefore making it possible for you to be lucky enough and win this expensive car. Keep in mind however, that at the end of the month, all of the available Ivy Points are going to be reset and the account starts with a zero balance at the beginning of the next one. The more you play at Grand Ivy, the better chances you have at winning, it is as simple as that, so do not waste any more time and start earning points in order to take part in the nearest raffle.

Grand Ivy Casino Promotion

* In order to receive a single entry, 1000 Ivy Points must be collected

* Each £100 deposited by a player will guarantee 10 Ivy Points

* All points are reset at the end of each month

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