Did you make any plans for this year’s vacations? If not, then you probably should go visit the Vera&John casino right now, because it will give you a chance to take some time off without the unnecessary trouble of spending your own money.

Yesterday was the premiere of a new NetEnt slot: “Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild”, which brought an entirely new setting to the slot machine genre. You may now take a virtual trip to the deep jungles and meet dangerous yet fascinating wild animals like tigers, bears and crocodiles. You do not even have to leave your home or take any risks, as this safe and super fun experience is always available within your reach. If you would like to travel somewhere in real life however, then Vera & John has a proposal – just for you. By taking part in the Split Spins tournament, you may guarantee yourself (and an additional person you wish to take with you), a holiday vacation in the sunny Croatia. In order to do that, simply wager as much as you can on the newly added Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild video slot, as for every accumulated wager of €1.00, you will earn 1 point toward the competition leaderboard.

Climb high and claim the main prize, which is the luxurious holiday package worth €4,000 in total, including spending money. The rest of the top 25 players can still expect to be rewarded with €1,000 in bonuses prizes. Do not forget to find out more about this tournament, which is already happening at casino Vera&John.f

Vera & John Casino Promotion

* This tournament event started on the 21st of March

* The main prize is a €4,000 holiday package for 2

* €1,000 in bonus prizes awaits for the top 25 players

* Accumulated wagers of €1.00 will earn points

* Wagering has to be made on Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

* General Terms & Conditions apply

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