If you are a fan of Blackjack, then you must know that it would be a perfect chance to win some of the bonus cash that Royal Panda casino has prepared for all players. The Lucky 21 promo would feature the highly popular casino game of Blackjack, the ultimate gambling challenge that is always as exciting as it is rewarding.

Royal Panda will be handing out $210 on the 21st of each month to three lucky casino players. In order to claim such reward, one has to simply play Blackjack and that is pretty much it. You may play any blackjack games you like at the casino and there are quite many of those to choose from.

Be sure that you hit a blackjack on the 21st though, so that your name may automatically be included into the draw that would reward the winners on the following day. All three winners would be randomly selected and announced through the casino Facebook page on the 22nd of every month, at noon.

Blackjack at Royalpanda

– Play any Blackjack games at the Royal Panda casino (21st of the month)

– Get at least one blackjack before midnight (GMT+1)

– Check out the casino page on Facebook to see who won (3x$210)

* In order to enter the draw, one must attain a blackjack on any Blackjack game at Royal Panda, involved by using wagers with real money on the 21st of every month (00:00 – 23:59 GMT+1)

* To learn how achieve a blackjack, consult the game rules before accessing individual games

* Players may wager any amounts, provided those are within the limits of applicable tables

* Random winners will be drawn on the 22nd of each month

* There is a 35x wagering requirement for the bonus

* Meeting the required wager would involve cash balance bets

* Regular terms and conditions can further apply

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