The online casino Kakadu is ready to take you on another thrilling adventure, that will leave you with a bunch of awesome rewards at the end of it. Since the website really knows how to make things cool by providing all these really awesome games and promotions too. For there are so many out there, and you can enjoy some of them right now. Aside from the welcome bonuses, freebies and such, the Kakadu casino will have a bunch of cool things to provide you with. And of course a lot more coming in the near future, for you can definitely find some of the promotional highlights that you can find out there.

As the Kakadu casino is now hosting this Wild Autumn Tournament; an online event that comes with a plethora of amazing prizes. Including a total of 750 Free Spins and 1000 Euros as well. Everybody is invited to join it, and you too can do that by simply following the links below, and heading over to the official Kakadu Casino website. This online competition will run for the duration of the fall season, therefore you can enter it each week; from Wednesday to Tuesday. There are so many more awesome things that you can easily get into, and of course plenty of other cool games to boot nonetheless.

Kakadu Casino Free Spins

Tournament: Wild Autumn

Prizes: €1000 + 750FS

Leaderboard: top 20

Start: Wednesday

End: Tuesday

Duration: Fall 2022

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