Wish you were in Milan this summer, going on a shopping spree throughout the streets and watching football all day long? Now is your best chance at traveling to sunny Italy and doing all this plus more, all thanks to the exciting new raffle being hosted by Chanz Casino.

All members of this online casino have time until the 18th of May 2016 to qualify, while they may do so by simply collecting 25 specifically themed badges. Only the Italian badges count toward this challenge, so be sure that you are looking for those, as every day 5 random badges can be obtained at the casino. Once you have reached the necessary minimum of 25 Italian themed badges, then you may count yourself as one of the lottery participants, while the draw itself is going to take place on the 19th of May. The rest of the winners will be getting even 100 Free Spins on some of the best online games this casino has, apart from the main prize – a trip to Milan, of course.

Alongside those many different objectives, there are also the Free Spins badges, which instantly reward their finders with a portion of free spins to use on selected games. In order to try grabbing these extra spins, you must deposit at least €10, so that you may actually be able to randomly stumble upon such a badge. All this and more awaits at Chanz Casino, the entertainment hub of choice which tries its best to satisfy everybody, with no exceptions.

Chanz Casino Promotion

* This campaign runs until the 18th of May 2016

* The raffle will take place on the 19th May

* Qualifying for the raffle requires to collect 25 Italian badges

* Runners-up get 100 Free Spins on favorite games

* Free spin badges can be found after depositing at least €10

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