There are hidden treasures all around us, if you only know where to look for them. Although not necessarily having a financial value, they still might be worth looking for. Regardless if these are small things or those that might become a big deal for some, either sentimental value or market related – the power lies within how we perceive them, after all. In order to go on a treasure hunt, one does not have to be a pirate, as any internet users who also happen to be members of the Leo Vegas Casino, can now participate in the adventurous journey that is planned to take place at this online casino.

The King of Mobile Casinos will be pleased to announce this wonderful campaign that captures the hearts and imaginations of all who are ready to start digging for the treasures. There is €100,000 in loot hidden all over the place and one must look very carefully, study the map and listen to instincts, in order to find any fraction of the booty. The entire list of riches does not end on mere coins however, though cash is still nice, but there are crates filled with golden Apple products, including iPads and iPhones, rather fitting for any gold loving pirate.

The event will be open until the end of this month (30th of April 2016) and during this time, four leader boards would be displayed every single week of the promotional period. Follow the symbols found on the treasure map and with every Bonus Round or Free Spin triggered, pirate points are generated and assigned to your account. Reach the top by collecting as many pirate points as you possible can, as there is a Treasure Chest filled with €10,000 at the end of this path. The varying number of points to collect and actual dates for the leader boards can be located below.

Leo Vegas Casino Promotion

10 Points (Free Spins) – “Golden Legend”
10 Points (Free Spins) – “Golden Ticket”
10 Points (Free Spins) – “Wizard of Gems”
20 Points (Free Spins) – “Royal Masquerade”
20 Points (Bonus Round) – “Samba Carnival”
20 Points (Bonus Round) – “Lady of Fortune”
20 Points (Free Spins) – “Book of Dead” (mobile)

1st leader board: 4-10 April 2016
2nd leader board: 11-17 April 2016
3rd leader board: 18-24 April 2016
4th leader board: 25-30 April 2016

1st spot: Treasure Chest (€10,000)
2nd–5th spot: Apple Gold Package (iPad + iPhone)
6th–10th spot: Gold iPad Pro 9.7
11th–15th spot: Gold iPhone
16th–30th spot: €250
31st–50th spot: €100

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