There are limitless possibilities for what one might do during the summer vacations. Thanks to the warm weather outside, it is frequently the only option that seems to be taken under consideration, as people want to get as much of the sun as they possibly can, thus spending most of the time off by laying on a beach, swimming in a pool or indulging themselves in any other sports related activity. Chances are however, that not everybody enjoys these attractions and it would not be normal to assume that it would be otherwise. Thanks to alternative forms of entertainment, fans of games and internet based action can spend their quality time on pursuing multiple other, more interesting and rewarding hobbies. That goes also for gambling as well, especially when online casinos such as Betspin are organizing fantastic promotions for the duration of the entire summer season. It is exactly the case when it comes to the next big campaign that starts at betspins casino on the nearest Friday. Reserve some of the time if you will and come spend it at casino betspin, where the “Spinions Beach Party” game will accompany you throughout this eventful period.

There are as many as 200 different prizes waiting to be claimed and this can be successfully achieved between the 22nd and 29th of July, making it a whole week full of non-stop gaming action. Each €20 that you wager on this slot machine will grant you a single ticket for the raffle, where many can expect to return with a fistful of prizes in their grasp. The more times you wager, the bigger amount of tickets you collect, making it easier for you to win at the end of this competition. That is exactly how it should be done, so take your chances and spin away, because there is much that will be happening in the meantime.

Betspin Casino Promotion

Prizes like the super spins bets that qualify their receivers for the bonus rounds and free spin bonuses will all be available on the Spinions – Beach Party slot game. Although the specific conditions have been initially presented to potentially interested parties so far, the best thing to do before the event begins is to check with the source of the promotion itself and visit the online casino if you have not done so already.

1st prize = €750 Cash
2nd prize = €500 Cash
3rd prize = €250 Cash
4th–10th prizes = €2.50 Super Spins
11th–50th prizes = €1 Super Spins
51st–100th prizes = 100 Free Spins
101st-200th prizes = 50 Free Spins

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