If you were not aware, then the Chinese New Year arrives later than the calendar year that occurs across the world. It is also special in the way that every passing year is followed by a certain animal patron and this time it is the Year of the Rooster in Chinese calendar. That means it could be a very prosperous season indeed, which is why you must help your luck a little bit and make sure that everything falls accordingly in motion. Featuring a grand promotion inspired by the Chinese Year of the Rooster, casino Guts wishes to extend its invitation to all of its players to join this short yet exciting campaign in its last day.

Those who did not opt in in the past couple of days, may still do so now, as there is still plenty of time left, because the promo ends today on the 31st January 2017, at exactly 23:59 (CET). What also fits perfectly for this event, is that Guts casino has selected the game called “Golden” to be also part of the campaign, as it features a golden rooster, taking form of a lucky charm in order to become successful in this endeavor. Players just need to wager the required minimum of €10 (or if they want more they might certainly do so) on any of the following slot machines: “Golden”, “Emperor’s Garden”, “Mad Mad Monkey” or “Eastern Dragon”. All of those games have been in some way influenced by Chinese mythology, what makes them perfect for this promotion all along. Guts had prepared 18 cash prizes to give away at the end of the promotional period, ranging between the actual amount of €600 — €10,800 (or currency equivalent).

Seize your opportunity and make sure that fate has something pleasant in store for you, so do not sit idly by but embrace your destiny by taking part in the ongoing activities that might see to it that you are not left without some kind of reward. Full terms and conditions are available on the casino website, of course, so in case of any doubts regarding the initial requirements, you may always turn to the official source of this event.

Guts Casino Promotion

* Eligible games: Golden, Emperor’s Garden, Mad Mad Monkey, Eastern Dragon

* To qualify, players must wager at least €10 before 23:59 (CET) on Tuesday, 31st of January

* The casino plans to give away 18 different prizes worth between €600 and €10,800

* Further Terms and Conditions may still apply

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