Most of the players who regularly pursue their favorite hobby, may already be familiar with the popular conception, which leaves the Summer holidays season a rather calm one when it comes to software based entertainment. No big gaming titles are being released on the market, be it video games or some other variations of the digital product. Then again, even online casinos take a break from their sophisticated campaigns, as most of the clients are going out on vacation. It is a rather good time for some festivities however, as everybody loves a good party and there is nothing better than spending some of the time off with the things you like best in life.

That is why Cherry Casino would like to encourage all of its members, to join the annual Cherry Awards 2016 festival. Running for the third year, this highly anticipated gambling campaign brings all the casino hits and lets you vote for any particular items, whichever you favor most above all else. This VIP treatment is sure to help the visitors relax when the hotted wave of air blows in the upcoming days, as the promo will be open for the next 2 weeks straight. That leaves you with 14 days filled with daily awards, granted on behalf of the nominated games, so get ready and visit Cherry Casino as soon as you are able to, because there are some astounding events going on and they cannot be missed at any rate.

Vote now for your personal favorites and get bonuses or free spins a plenty in return for your dedication, just as it has been promised, there would be tons of those to be spread around the entire lobby. Make also sure that you are familiar with the last year nominees and find out which games will make it to the top during these Cherry Awards in 2016, where the red carpet has already been rolled out, thus welcoming everybody inside.

Cherry Casino Promotion

* Players may vote as many times as they want, but only a single daily bonus can be obtained

* In order to qualify for those rewards, at least one successful deposit would be needed

* The Cherry Awards 2016 campaign starts on the 18th May and runs for the next 14 days

* Before a withdrawal can be made, the bonus amount must be wagered 40x minimum

* Some of the featured games may not be available on mobile devices

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