If you play your cards right, you can always expect desirable awards to follow and still much more that would be successfully obtained during any gambling maneuver of sorts. In spite of the difficulties and numerous requirements that have to be met in order to win, that of course including the luck factor, players are free to pursue whatever they wish at any point of the experience and come out richer in both experience and monetary value. Whether you personally are a fan of the classic gambling activities or the sports betting tournaments, there is always something to occupy oneself, especially at such a fine place as the Amsterdams Casino. Indeed, this online casino has a bunch of impressive games and other quality productions which are certainly going to prove quite enduring and might be selected at any time of such journey.

There is however right now, the issue that involves the Euro 2016 Championships, which might be quite important for many amateurs of football, that means also those who dabble in slot machines or tables and poker on a daily basis. To help the Amsterdams members ease their mind and get them to realize their dreams about seeing a live soccer match this year, the operator has started to promote a new set of challenges that would be available throughout June 2016, just in time to send a few of lucky players to the grand sporting event in France. Take on a challenge each day of the planned online campaign and you might get the opportunity yet to see the representative temas clash on the grassy fields, whereas you get to be involved in all this by cheering for your own. Be sure to pay casino Amsterdams a visit in the upcoming days and stay tuned for more challenges, as each of those will provide another chance to win a ticket for a different match or even the finals of Euro 2016, which can also be experienced firsthand. The best part about all this is that you may always enjoy the games provided at this splendid gambling parlor, even if it does not gets you to win the main reward otherwise.

Amsterdams Casino Promotion

Day 1 (30th May): simply log in to your Amsterdams Casino online player account

Day 2 (31st May): make a real money deposit at the casino to complete this challenge

Day 3 (1st June): refer one of your friends and get him/her to sign up later on

Day 4 (2nd June): play “Football: Champions Cup” and wager at least €5,00 in cash

Day 5 (3rd June): head into the Live Casino room and wager €5,00 on one of the games

25% up to €100 Bonus
(available: 1st June)

€25 deposit = 10 Free Spins
€50 deposit = 25 Free Spins
€100 deposit = 75 Free Spins
(available: 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th June)

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